Hi! My name's Ana, I'm 15 and I'm from Portugal. Gleek. Sheerio. Hooligan. Paramore. Supernatural. The Vampire Diaries. Ian Somerhalder. Cory Monteith.

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"Look, I know you want me to pretend it never happened. I know you want to forget it all. But how do I make myself forget the way it felt to be in your arms? How do I forget the nights you asked me what made me feel okay so you could try to help me, and all I could think of was you? How do I forget the taste of your lips and the smell of your neck?"  - you never go away (but you’re never around)

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"Is it wrong to still love you?
After all the hurtful things you did/said to me..
Is it wrong to miss you?
After all the pain you caused me.. Crying myself to sleep late at night, wishing it never ended like it did.
After everything, I still do not want anybody, but you."  - (via itsannaliousbabe)
"What’s so fucking special about her?"  - 6 word story by K.L (via aztecianlipstick)

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"I just wanted
the way we bled
to wash out
into pink watercolors
dancing on white paper
But I’m realizing
there’s no beautiful way
in showing how I loved
to the point
I let it eat me alive"  - K. Wagner (via th3gr0wnupchild)
+ August 28, 2014


When will my crying stop? When will I stop thinking about you? Because I don’t know if I can go on like this anymore. I forgot what it feels like to wake up without thinking about you, to eat without thinking about you, to listen to music without thinking about you, and to breathe without thinking…

"She kissed with such passion,
Strangers stared.
She kissed as though she was kissing me,
For the last time.
I could’ve sworn she was breathless,
And my lips were like an oxygen tank to her.
That maybe if she kissed hard enough,
Long enough,
Passionately enough..
That she wouldn’t be kissing me,
For the last time."  - The last time (via cutelydeviant)
"I want you to taste me in your cigarettes. I want my name to burn the back of your throat and tighten your chest the same way that the drink you so dearly love does. I want you to see me in the bottom of that empty bottle and remember me when you’re trying to forget. I want you to hear me in the songs you play and the songs we played. I want you to feel me when you’re alone. I will be the breeze that curls itself round your hands and kisses your neck and chills you to the bone. You will remember me."  - My thoughts (via neon-and-sillhouettes)
"Why did you throw me away?"  - 6 word story by K.L (via aztecianlipstick)

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A friend told me that time does not always heal the pain, and I nearly threw up. How many more months will I have to endure the pain of not being with you?

I saw the way you looked at the pretty white girl with the long brown hair, and I ached for the past, for when you looked at me like I was your star, your sun.

You’re insane, but you are passionate. We are two of a kind. We made love in the ways unimaginable, not involving two naked bodies contorting into one, but with words and ideas and futuristic details.

Our love was real, we were real, and now we are disintegrating into the matrices of our minds, and all I can say is ‘please.’

"  - i wrote this before you tore me apart (via wnterish)
"I drowned in you instead of the river.
But I wish I had fallen into the water instead of you, that way I wouldn’t be sitting on the bathroom floor as every rib in my body sighs your name as they crack in half."  - I keep choking up your empty I love yous. (via jessielou24)


one time this kid sneezed in class and i said “goodnight”

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Today, after coming back from lunch, I saw a big male Three-toed Box Turtle (Terrapene c. triunguis) out in the park (Houston, TX), and I gave him a couple of cherry tomatoes. He was very grateful. :3
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